No Harsh chemicals

Natural Cedar Oil Pest Control products

Greenbug, Inc offers pest control products and solutions that are effective alternatives to harsh, chemical pesticides.

People & Pet Friendly

Pest Control That Is Safe For
You & The Environment

Our unique cedar oil pest control sprays and concentrates are safe for the beneficial insects around your home.

greenbug all natural

greenbug All Natural Pest Control

Greenbug System

The Greenbug System offers automatic pest control through your irrigation system.

Everywhere water is directed is pest free.

The Greenbug System uses an active ingredient of cedar – just like cedar chests and closets where you never see a bug. You don’t see pests because cedar controls pests. But cedar is fine for humans, animals, the environment and beneficial creatures like honey bees and butterflies.

The Greenbug System delivers like an I.V. drip into your irrigation lines. Everywhere water is directed will have pest control.

Your regular irrigation will run the same with only water to nourish your landscape. At a different time, the Greenbug Program runs for 2 minutes a zone a day to solve pest control.

“Greenbug is a great product and company.
There is no longer any reason for using toxic chemicals for pests. Thumbs up, Greenbug!”
– Tommy V. Bluffton, SC

“I have awesome news… I haven’t seen a roach in three days!!! “
That Greenbug is some AWESOME STUFF.
No harsh chemicals….WOW!!!
– Tracy H., McCrae, GA

“Greenbug was an answer to a prayer. Mites had been in our home for weeks, driving us nuts. Once I talked to the Greenbug folks, I felt hope. Sure enough, the Greenbug got rid of the mites. Our lives are back to normal now. Thank you.”
– Carol F. Ithaca, NY